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What I Can Do is a blog with information and resources that encourage you to actively support the causes you care about.  

What I Can Do is best known for its popular online Racial Justice Series, a self-guided course that can help you learn about racism and ways to advocate for equality and change.

We share information about different ways you can stand up for issues that are important to you.


Like many others around the world, we were saddened and outraged by the wrongful deaths of Black people in America that made headlines in 2020.  Our sadness and anger stemmed not just by the murderous acts, but because the acts represented the acquiescence of racism that has underscored American society for centuries, way before 2020. 

As we witnessed the many ways people were taking a stand and making their voices heard, we were inspired to do something too. But when we attempted to act upon our newfound commitment, we became overwhelmed.  We thought we could find helpful information on the internet, but we experienced information overload…

  • Where do we start? 
  • What should we do? 
  • What’s the best way to help? 
  • Can we make a difference?

We decided to create our own resource, The Racial Justice Call-to-Action series. It’s a course that helps people learn about racism in a structured way and take action in meaningful ways. We curated the most helpful information and resources we could find and put it into a course format to make it easy to learn and easy to do. And the best part is that it answers all the questions above that typically hold people back from taking that first step.

With the success of our course, we decided to expand into a full online resource for people who want to make advocacy a regular part of their lives.   Our goals are:

  • To help people access information and understand appropriate action steps in support of causes they believe in.
  • To help people learn in a structured way without the noise of social media or unhelpful online rhetoric.
  • To help people believe in themselves and in the power individuals have for bringing about change in their communities.

We’re learning new things every day about advocacy methods and social issues, and we’ll use our blog to share what we’ve learned with you.  And even if we don’t agree on every issue, overall, we hope to offer a chance for reflection and improvement in each of us as individuals and together as members of the human race.

We believe every effort counts and small steps can make a big difference.

What is Advocacy?

It sounds like a big word, but it has a very simple meaning.  The most basic definition of advocacy is to support a cause.  And, the purpose of advocacy is to create change.  

There are many ways to support a cause or help bring change to an issue you care about.   You can promote it, defend it, educate others about it, contact government officials about it, fundraise for it, organize rallies, town meetings and support groups about it, and so much more.

We believe standing up for causes you believe in shouldn't have to feel complicated.

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