Discover what you can do
to fight racism & hate

Follow a simple online course with specific action steps.

You want to make a difference

but something's holding you back


You don't know what to do or where to start.


There's a flood of information to navigate
and so much work to be done.


You feel you don't know enough to get involved.

You're not alone

We understand how it feels when you
want to take a stand but you

  • don’t know how to process it all
  • don’t know what else you can do
  • don’t know if what you do will matter
  • don’t know if you have time to do anything meaningful

We believe there's a better way to learn and take action.

An Online Self-Guided Course

to help you fight racism

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Easy Lesson framework

Learn at your own pace with supporting articles, images and videos.

Specific Action Steps

Take action immediately upon learning about each topic.

Short Modules

Content is organized into groups of 2 - 3 lessons to help you achieve progress and growth.

Topics Include

This series focuses on racism against black people in America and here’s some sample topics:

racism overview

  • Learn the terms related to racism
  • Help dispel myths about racism
  • Be aware of racial bias in news media
  • Support frontline advocacy groups

criminal justice issues

  • Hold Prosecutors Accountable
  • Help end cash bail
  • Help defund private prisons
  • Support police reform policies

     — AND MORE —

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Standing up for justice shouldn't have to feel complicated​

This Online Call-to-Action Course for Racial Justice has what you need, all in one place, to educate yourself and take meaningful action against racism. 

And it’s easy to get started.



Commit to taking a stand and not remain neutral about racism by signing up for this free course.



Read the lessons to learn what you can do to familiarize yourself about racial justice issues.



Complete the actions suggested in each lesson to help fight against racism.

Anyone can do it.

Let this online course help empower you with information, insight and specific steps you can do to fight racism against black people in America. 

How much does it cost?


There’s no charge for this online course.  Simply sign up using your name and email address.  By offering this series for free, we hope to remove any potential barriers that might prevent you from getting started with fighting racism.

What People Are Saying


You can do your part
to fight racism

  • Know that you can take small steps to do great things
  • Push yourself to do more than whatever you’re currently doing
  • Aspire to grow and become a better individual so we can be a better society

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Share information about this course with your friends, spouse, children and others.  Consider participating in this series with a buddy or a group for support and accountability.

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